Elevate Shampoo

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  • Bubbly Lather
  • Gentle + Safe (proven industry standard ingredients known to work and be safe over time)
  • Cleansing (without feeling stripped, or straw like)
  • Moisturizing (without being heavy, weighed down, or coated)
  • Premium Quality Ingredients without Fillers
  • Backed by science, not marketing hype, with results you can feel


If you liked HAU Mango Shampoo, You will LOVE the NEW Daily Cleanse Shampoo from Elevate Beauty. This new formula delivers the same great benefits you came to enjoy with our previous recommendation, NOW with more powerful cleansing, made right here in the USA with the finest quality ingredients, at a more attractive price point.

Formulated by a beauty industry expert and hair coach with a cosmetic chemist, to combine tried and true methods of safe and effective cleansing, with the feel and experience people love.

This formula gently cleanses and deeply moisturizes, without making hair fall flat. 

From fine hair to coarse hair, stick straight to extremely curly...all can benefit from Elevate Beauty's Daily Cleanse Shampoo (even extensions and wigs!)

Ingredients in this formula have been carefully chosen to help balance your hair moisture, oil content, and Ph, to create the ideal environment for all hair types and the scalp to thrive.


To Use:

1. Wet hair thoroughly

2. Apply dime to quarter size amount to hand, and rub hands together to emulsify (create lather)

3. Apply to hair focusing on scalp, scrub with fingertips.

4. Apply more to underneath and back of the head, as needed

(Tip: if hair does not easily lather in certain areas, it may not be completely wet. Rewet the area (without completely rinsing out the existing shampoo) and continue to massage the shampoo into a lather.  Apply small amounts of shampoo as needed until there is more lather.)

5. Rinse thoroughly

6. Repeat (if necessary)

7. Follow with Conditioner (if necessary)

Some hair types and lengths do not need to follow with conditioner.

     Who typically can skip... if you can say yes to one of these:

          I have short hair, I have shoulder length or shorter hair, with little not no damage.  My hair is healthy and does not get too tangled.  I have fine hair that easily lays flat to my head.


If you have any questions about this shampoo, please text 317.377.4550