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Why Are My Hair Packs Expired?

Why Are My Hair Packs Expired?

Posted by Michelle Farley on Jul 23rd 2020

If you opened your box, only to be disappointed or concerned with the expiration date...fear no more. 

Although many of the hair packs are stamped with an expiration date of May 2020, rest assured, they are good for use until at least November 2022.

So why is it marked like that?

Korean manufacturers and merchants are required to follow Korean Regulations, which are not the same guidelines that we use here in the United States.  The translation also causes confusion, so let's break it down:

In Korea, there is a "Manufacturing Date", an "Expiration Date", and a "Use By Date".  

The "Manufacturing Date" is obviously the day it was made.

The "Expiration Date" would be better translated in English as a "Sell By Date" (which we do not have this in the US for Hair Products), and is determined by a set amount of time from the manufacturing date for any given product category.  This amount of time is set for the whole category, but does not necessarily reflect the actual shelf life of the individual product.

The Korean "Use By Date", would be what we think of as an "Expiration Date", but is not deemed necessary by the USFDA for cosmetics, like it would be for food or medicines.

We have been assured from the manufacturer that the products have a 5 year shelf life.  The expiration date marked on the pouch is to meet Korean regulations of 30 months past the manufacturing date, making the "Use By Date" November 2022.

We are loyal to our customers, and our integrity is important to us.  We personally use the products on a continual and regular basis to monitor the performance, consistency, and fragrance of the product to ensure they still meet our high standards. If you notice any changes to the consistency or fragrance, please contact us.

We understand that many consumers are unaware of the difference in translation and we await new stock, we are discounting the packs to move through our inventory.

If you are not planning to use your packs by 2022, please wait for the new product at full price.

If you are planning to use your packs before 2022, enjoy the exclusive discount with premium performance, while it lasts!!!

If you have any questions, Please text 317.377.4550

Hope this brings you clarity, comfort and confidence.

Happy Hair Day!

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